Free School Supplies For Low Income Families

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Free School Supplies For Low Income Families

Access To Affordable School Supplies Is Crucial

School supplies have become increasingly expensive. This is particularly difficult for lower-income families who may not be able to afford these items. Without access to essential school supplies, children in such families can find it difficult to perform well in school. Fortunately, there are some ways for those with a tight budget to acquire the essential supplies they need.

Finding Free School Supplies

This guide offers advice on how to source free school supplies. Such resources can help to ensure that students come to school fully equipped.

Search Local Resources:

Many local governments, community centers, churches and other organizations provide free or low-cost supplies. Reach out to your community and ask about whether any free school supply programs are offered. Some families may also be able to find assistance through their child’s school.

Reuse Supplies:

It is possible to reuse and repurpose supplies, helping to save money. Assignments can be drafted on the back of paper, old materials can be used for art projects and heavy-duty materials last longer if taken care of properly.

Sell, Donate and Swap:

Selling or donating supplies you no longer need is another way to acquire new supplies without the cost. Holding a swap could also be an option as well as a great way to meet other families that may be looking to reduce their expenses.

Apply for Assistance Programs:

Look out for organizations that offer aid to low-income families. Some cities host free school supply drives and workshops where students can get the supplies they need.

Shop During Back to School Sales:

Look out for sales offered by stores or online retailers. It is worth doing enough research to find out which the best deals are for the supplies you need.

Research online Marketplace Deals:

More and more, platforms such as eBay and Amazon offer discounted school supplies. Make sure to check for any online discounts or deals for the items you need.


By following some of the tips and tricks in this guide, low-income families should be able to find essential school supplies for their children. It is increasingly important for students to have access to essential tools, so they can perform to their best in school. Everyone should be able to access the resources they need without putting too much financial strain on their family.


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Help Low Income Families Obtain Free School Supplies

What Are We Doing?

We are raising awareness for free school supplies for low-income families. Low-income and at-risk children lack access to the basic school supplies that are essential for success in the classroom. We strive to provide these families with the necessary supplies and resources to ensure their children are equipped to stay in school and succeed academically.

How Can You Help?

You can help low-income families obtain the school supplies they need by making a donation or volunteering with an organization that provides school supplies and resources. The National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) recommends setting up a donation drive or working with local organizations and schools to get donations.

Highly effective organizations like Double Three, Back to School Ohio, and Kids In Need Foundation collect donations from individuals, businesses, and community groups and provide free school supplies to economically disadvantaged families. Common types of donated supplies include crayons, paper, notebooks, backpacks, and calculators.

How Are Communities Impacted?

When schools and organizations provide free school supplies, it helps families stretch their limited budgets and allows the children to learn and succeed in the classroom more effectively. It also helps to ensure students have the supplies needed to stay in school and succeed academically. These organizations help low-income families access the resources they need to succeed and stay in school.

What Are The Benefits?

Providing free school supplies to students in need offers a variety of important benefits. It helps level the playing field by providing basic supplies like pencils, notebooks and calculators to students in need. It also helps with grade retention, engagement in school, and increases academic performance. Finally, it helps ensure all students have access to the materials needed to learn and progress in school.

Get Involved

Want to get involved and help provide school supplies for low-income families in your community? Reach out to local schools or organizations that offer these resources and see how to get involved. You can also volunteer directly with one of the many organizations that provide school supplies and resources to students in need. With your help, we can ensure all students have the supplies they need for academic success.


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Free School Supplies for Low Income Families

Access to Affordable School Supplies

School supplies can be expensive, and they are even more difficult to come by for low income families. Luckily, there are many organizations and resources out there that offer free or low-cost school supplies.

Where to Find Free School Supplies

There are a variety of charitable organizations, schools, and other groups that offer supplies to those in need. Some of the places where you can find free school supplies include:


Good360 is a national organization that offers school supplies to local charities. These organizations provide supplies to those in need throughout their community.

School Districts

Many school districts have programs in place that provide free or low-cost school supplies to children of families with low incomes. Check with your local school district to see what programs are available in your area.


Churches often provide school supplies to families in need throughout the year. Contact local churches or religious organizations in your area to ask about programs that offer school supplies.

Community Centers

Many community centers host school supply drives or giveaways throughout the year. Contact your local community centers to find out more about the programs they offer.

Online Resources

Many organizations offer school supplies online. Check sites like Freecycle and other online communities for listings of school supplies available for free.

Tips for Finding Free School Supplies

Call Local Organizations

Call your local organizations, churches, and schools to ask about school supply programs. These organizations may be able to provide you with supplies or point you in the direction of other resources in your area.

Look for Listings Online

Many online communities have listings for free school supplies. Find listings on sites like Craigslist, Freecycle, and other free listing sites.

Shop Around

Many stores offer sales and discounts on school supplies. Shop around to find the best deals and discounts so that you can save money on supplies for your family.


Providing Free School Supplies for Low Income Families

Ensuring Every Child Has the Supplies They Need

Low-Income Families Struggle to Provide Supplies

With tuition, housing, and food costs skyrocketing, the annual cost of attending school is overwhelming for many low-income families. Even after accounting for scholarships, financial aid and grants, there’s often very little left over for the necessities, including school supplies. Unfortunately, this means that students may be required to do without items they need to succeed in their classes.

The Financial Burden of School Supplies

The average cost of supplies for one student can reach up to $500, and if a family has more than one child in school, the financial burden becomes impossible. Low-income families often resort to buying lower quality or used school supplies, or skipping certain items altogether.

Bridging the Gap with Free School Supplies

A number of organizations have stepped in to provide school supplies to these families free of charge, helping them to bridge the gap. Many of these organizations provide age-appropriate packs of school supplies directly to the families or to schools to be distributed. With the assistance of these organizations, a student from a low-income family can finally have access to the same supplies as their peers.

Finding Free School Supplies

Parents in need of school supplies can reach out directly to their child’s school or in their local community to find out what organizations are available. Organizations often host back-to-school events or distribute supplies throughout the year. Additionally, there are many websites available such as that parents can use as well to locate resources in their area.


Free School Supplies For Low Income Families

What Supplies are Eligible?

School supplies eligible for free procurement typically vary from state-to-state, but in general, they include paper, binders, pens, pencils, notebooks, Bookbags and backpacks, calculators, and art supplies. More comprehensive school supply distributions often include lunch boxes, clothes, hygiene items, and other non-traditional items that facilitate access to an appropriate learning environment.

Where to Find Free School Supplies for Low Income Families?

Organizations, charities, and businesses around the country offer free school supplies to low-income families.

Public Schools

Public schools may have state or local funded programs that provide school supplies for low-income students. Schools may provide students with sets of school supplies, which may include binders, notebooks, pencils, and other supplies. School social workers are typically the designated staff members who support these types of programs.

Community Agencies and Organizations

Many community-based organizations and charitable programs provide free school supplies for low-income families. Organizations such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill may offer free back-to-school supplies throughout the year, and some may offer clothing and other items as well.

Online Sources

Several online sources such as Freecycle and Craigslist often have listings for free school supplies.

Most of these sources require additional steps such as providing proof of income eligibility or filling out forms. It is important to check out each program prior to seeking free school supplies.


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