Console / Mixer’s Model I/O
Solid State Logic Axiom MT Plus Large Format 96 Input  A Range Console – RioGrande  (5) Digital Rio’s    –  (3) Analog Rio’s  DK Metering. – 196
Custom SSL Analog Routing 24 by 2  Neve VR 
Custom SSL Analog Routing 24 by 2  API 24
Custom SSL Analog Routing 24 by 2  SSL G+ 24
Studer  Suitcase Mixer 910 –  10  Chanel Mixer – Stereo Bus Compressors 11
API / Auditronics / EMI Custom Racked Module Console (From old Sound Logic) 20
Monitors Model
Mains –  Custom MO Designs Sound Logic System 1
Main Amps Hi Crown D150
Main Amps Lo Crown DC300
(4) Mackie HR824
5.1 System     JBL LSR308
Floater   Tanoy PBM 6.5
QSC MX1500A Amp
Floater    Alesis Point 7
Floater    AMR Custom Mains
Custom Mains 12″ x 18″
Hear Technologies (8) Hearback monitors
Furman ( 7) HDR-8 System
Symetrix SX204 Headphone Amps
Presonus Monitor Station
KRK V12 Sub
Tape – Analog Model Channel
Otari MTR-12  1/4″ Stereo
Ampex Custom 1/2″ 2 track from Beatles 2 Track
Revox Various 2 tracks Stereo / Mono
Tascam Cassette Stereo
Tape Digital Model Channel
Alesis Masterlink Stereo
Tascam DA-P1 Stereo
Studer Dyaxis System   – Call Ahead 8
Tascam DA-30 Dat Stereo
Pro Tools  Model Channel
Avid HD 12
Avid  Westmere Pro G5 – HD Pro Tools Rig
Digidesign  (6)  192 – 128 AES IO 96
Digidesign (4) 192  – 48 Analog IO 48
Apoge Rosetta 8000   – AES Cards 16
Apogee Rosetta 8000   – Digidesign Cards 16
Macintosh Spare Pro tools Rig
Digidesign 1622 16 in / 2 Out
(2) Digidesign 192  – 48 Analog IO 48
Avid Sync HD (Gray Face)
Avid Sybc HD (Blue Face)
Slate Digital Raven Mti Controller
Apogee DA-16 16 in / 2 Out
Otari UCF Format Converter
Avid (3) Mbox / Laptop Rigs
Presonus Digimax LT 16
(3) Avid Artist Mix 24 Faders
Time Based Effects Model Channel
Lexicon 960 L  – (2) 8 Aes I/O cards 8
Lexicon 480L with all carts. 4
Lexicon PCM-81 Stereo
Lexicon PCM-60 Stereo
Lexicon PCM-90 Stereo
Lexicon Alex Stereo
Lexicon LXP-1, LXP-5, MRC Stereo
Alesis Wedge
Alesis   ( 2X) Quadraverb Stereo
Eventide H-949 Mono
Eventide 3500 DsX Stereo
TC Electronic M3000 Stereo
TC Electronic M-One Tap Delay Stereo
Echoplex Echoplex Stereo
Outboard Gear  – Dynamic Model Channel
Neve 33609 Stereo
Alan Smart C2 Stereo
Calrec   (X 2) DL-2934 Stereo
Teletronix  (X2)  LA-2 Mono
Urei LA-3
Urei LA-4
Urei    (X2) LA-5
Urei 1176 Mono
Universial Audio     (X 2) 1176 LN Mono
Urei 1176 Blue Face Mono
Warm Audio 1176 type –   WA76 Mono
(2) Urei LA4 Mono
Urei / JBL. (X2) LA-10 Mono
Empirical Labs Eli
Empirical Labs Distressor
Drawmer Three-sum Stereo
C Labs 7720 Stereo
DBX 160X Stereo
DBX 160A Mono
Pultec PEQ Mono
Allison Girls  (x 4) Kepex Mono
Unisync  (x 4) Trouper Series Limiters
Allison Girls   (X 6) Gain Brain Mono
Black Lion Audio AGB Compressor  – Neve 33609 Clone Stereo
DBX 560 A Mono
DBX   (X 2) 520 De-Esser Mono
Lindel Audio   (X 3) LA600 Pre / EQ Mono
Fredenstein Compressor Mono
CBS   (X 2) Volumax Mono
RCA H1035   (1950’s Film filter) Mono
CBS 411  FM Volumax Mono
Gates   (X2) Solid Statesman Compressors
Outboard – EQ Model Channel
Manley / Langevin Pultec type EQP1-A Mono
GML 8200 Mastering EQ Stereo
Tube Tech PE1c Mono
Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube EQ Mono
Audioarts 4200A Parametric EQ Stereo
Valley People 400 Compressor Mono
Valley People Gatex Mono
Unisync Trooper Series EQ Stereo
Neumann  (5) Racked PEVEQ Mono
Meyer Sound CP-10 Parametric EQ Stereo
Preamps Model Channel
Solid State Logic “Super” Mic Pre Rack 24
Solid State Logic   (10) 12 Channel A Range Mic Pre’s 120
API. (X2) A2d Stereo
Vintech X73i Mono
Digidesign Pre Mono
Neotek (2 ) Series 2 – Racked Mono
API / Arsenal Audio MP-R20 Stereo
No Toasters Nice Pair Stereo
Art Pro MPA (Telefunken E604 Tubes) Stereo
Telefunken Racked Channel Fader / Pre Mono
Art Pro MPA (Simmens Tubes) Stereo
Art Pro VLA  (RCA Tubes) Stereo
Warm Audio Tone Beast Stereo
HHB Radius 50 Stereo
TL Audio Ivory Mic Pre Stereo
Focusrite Saphire 24
Focusrite Octapre 16
SM Pro  (2) PR8E 16
Presonus Studio Channel
Shure Rack Mixer with Limiters 148



Microphones at Sound Logic LLC

Telefunken C-24  (upon request – Jeff’s collection)
AKG C-12  (upon request – Jeff’s collection)
Neumann U-47 (Tube)
Neumann SM-69 (1967 – All origional)   Stereo Tube Mic   (upon request – Jeff’s collection)
Neumann U-47 Fet
(3) AKG 414 -EB
Neumann U87 Ai Ni
Neumann U87
s. e. electronics TUBE
Groove Tubes GT40 Tube
CAD e60
CAD D189
Audio-Technica Audio-Technica Packs
(3) Sennheiser e604
(3) Sennheiser 421
Oktava A.S.M Mk-319
(with U47 fet Capsules) Mk-319
AKG Perception 100
Audio-Technica AT4041
AKG D160E1
(3) Blue Woodpecker
(2) Rode NTK.
(2) Sterling Audio ST69 Tube
(2) Sennheiser e609 Silver
Shure Beta 52A
CAD Trion 7000
Shure SM81
Shure SM81
Blue (2) bottle
Studio Projects CS5 No 200101
Electro-Voice RE320 Variable D
Electro-Voice PL- 20
Electro-Voice RE-20
(2) RCA SL-3-12
Shure SM7B
Blue Babby Bottle
Shure (8)  SM-57
Shure (4) SM-58
(2) Sennheiser 422
AKG The Tube
Advanced Audio CM-47
Advanced Audio CM-87
Advanced Audio CM-12
(2) Advanced Audio CM-54
Advanced Audio CM-47
Advanced Audio CM-67
Advanced Audio CM-28


(We try very hard not to use these every day! )

Vintage Gretch Drum set

Ridge wood custom baby grand piano   4’7″

Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

Martin / Taylor / Acoustic Guitar

Marshall Half Stack / Mesa Tripple Rectifier

Korg Trion, over 800 gigs of samples and SFX, Productions music Libraries – Hollywood Edge / Flying Hands /Sound Ideas.

Logic Pro 8


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